Seasoning Steamed Veggies

In an effort to stop eating so many potatos I’ve bought some ziplock steaming bags. Basically to use them put cut up veggies in the bag after having been seasoned and them nuke them until tender.
I’ve always liked grilled and steamed veggies especially the grilled veggies at Logan’s Roadhouse. Unfortunatley ours closed before I could discover the seasoning or marinade.
What your favorite seasoning/marinade for steamed/grilled veggies? And what veggies?

I like grilled most than that of the steamed versions… me and my hubby enjoys the grilled veggies more… it tastes great… and above given two recipes are just nice…

I stem most of my fresh vegetables. After living for years in South Carolina Low Country I learned that store bought or homemade Old Bay Seasoning works as a great seasoner on steamed vegetables as well as fish and seafoods.