Shanghai Casserole

Shanghai Casserole


2 lbs ground beef
1 cup chopped onion
1 clove garlic minced
1 tbsp oil
2 cups sliced celery2 cups frozen mixed vegetables thawed
2 cups cooked rice
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 can chow mein noodles

Brown meat, onions & garlic in oil. Add celery, soup, & thawed vegetables. Stir in rice & seasonings. Turn into greased casserole cover and bake 25 min at 350. Top with noodles and return to oven for 5 minutes.

B-man :wink:

On the Shanghai Casserole recipe it says soup, what kind of soup do you use.

I did not see any soup in the Shanghai Casserole.???

I doubt that there would be a cream soup in a Chinese food recipe.

I’ve seen this recipe before, and it was cream of mushroom soup, with a can of milk added.
I remember this coz I don’t do milk or whey, it upsets my stomach. So I thought if I was to do this recipe, I’d use beef gravy with a can of mushrooms added.
Never got around to trying it, but now its got my taste buds going, so I’m gonna give it a shot.

Hiya’ KW,
Couple of weeks ago, in the mist of a 90F+ week, I made ribs. Not only was 2 hours at 300F too much heat in the kitchen, I forgot to turn off oven when I took out the ribs, and left it on all night. Seems my problem isn’t which season it is, its more I’m getting old & forgetful…LOL

It mentions soup in the directions but not in the ingredients.