Shaumburg's Broasted Chicken

:confused:I am looking for a recipe for Broasted Chicken. Years ago, near 30, (Oh Lord has it been that long), I used to spend summers in Fox Lake, Wisconsin and there used to be a restaurant near there called Shaumburg’s. We used to go in with a party of 15 - 20 people and order the chicken with all the fixings and they would bring out these huge platters of chicken that was to die for.
I am not even sure that the restaurant is still in business, but if anyone can help me with this, I would be eternally grateful.
I understand about the McCoy Broaster Co. and the Broaster equipment the make and distribute and the recipe that they have being avaible only to the food service industry, but I am looking for the specifics of the recipe for using in my pressure cooker.:stuck_out_tongue: