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A Big hello from Denmark,I have run into some recepis with a stuff called shortening,can anybody here give me some good advice how to use it,and what is it !!!

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shortening is a binding ingredient,usually vegetable in origin lard is made from animal fat.shortening is mixed with flour and cold water for pie dough.we use where i work for french frying.because it is a large jail with a lot of vegetarians we can`t use real lard which i think works better.

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Here in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, when I think of ‘shortening,’ I think of something solid and usually white in color.; like Crisco, lard and sometimes margarine.

Shortening can be used in cakes, pies, biscuits, pie crusts, cornbread etc.

We also use it for frying fish, chicken and meats. I also know people that make cake frosting from it.

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