Simple Changes in the Kitchen

Simple Changes in the Kitchen

Do you want to eat better, but don’t know how to get started? There are simple changes you can make to your diet that can have enormous effects on your health. By cutting the fat in the foods you love, you can improve your heart — and the rest of your body. Here are some tips to help get you started!

Bake, steam, roast, broil, stew, or boil instead of frying. This helps remove fat.

If you like crispy fish, roll in cornmeal and bake instead of frying.

For crispy chicken, don’t fry! Remove the skin; dip in skim milk mixed with herbs and spices; roll in bread crumbs, cornflakes, or potato flakes; and bake.

Remove poultry skin before eating.

Use a nonstick pan with vegetable cooking oil spray or a small amount of liquid vegetable oil instead of lard, butter, shortening, or other fats that are solid at room temperature.

Trim visible fat before you cook meats.

Chill meat and poultry broth until fat becomes solid. Skim off fat before using the broth. Use skimmed broth to cook greens instead of fatback, hog jowls, or salt pork.

While these changes may not seem like much, they actually do impact your body. When healthy eating becomes a part of your lifestyle, you’ll feel it (and see it) all over!

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