Skillet chops for dinner; "onion" "burgers" for lunch

Skillet fried pork chops in a drizzle of olive oil, sliced garlic cloves, fresh parsley, kosher salt and cracked black pepper.

Served with traditional mashed potatoes: Yukon golds, butter, kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, milk.

Whole kernel corn with butter, salt, pepper.


French bread.

I love onions and garlic! For lunch I sliced a large onion, a very thick 1/2 to 3/4-inch thick slice from the middle. The remaining onion is reserved in the fridge for another use. I soaked a wood skewer in water; stuck it through the thick slice of onion. Heated olive oil in skillet, added sliced fresh garlic and my onion slice. Fried until really golden brown! Toasted a hamburger roll; buttered it very, very lightly. Placed my onion “burger” on the roll, added a few slices of garlic from the pan; pulled out skewer, topped with a light sprinkle of fresh grated Pecorino-Romano. Served with pepperoncini and sweet midgies and large green olives (unpitted). Enjoyed a chocolate cowtail (chocolate milk over ice) and I was happy!!