Smack Shack Lobster Soft Scrambled Eggs

Smack Shack Lobster Soft Scrambled Eggs

3 eggs large size

1 oz. cream cheese (room temperature/diced)

2 oz. claw and knuckle lobster meat

½ oz. butter

Minced Chives

Salt/pepper to taste

  1. Crack eggs and whisk together until light and foamy, stir cream cheese cubes into egg mixture (add pinch of salt/pepper to taste).

  2. Use a medium size skillet on low heat.

  3. Start by warming butter in pan.

  4. Add combined eggs and cream cheese mixture, stir constantly.

  5. Fold in lobster about halfway through.

  6. The key to maintain a soft scrambled egg is to stir constantly while cooking.

  7. As it reaches a more solid consistency, continue stirring, but turn off the heat to end up with soft scramble finish.

  8. Garnish with minced chives and serve with a griddled baguette. Salt/Pepper to taste.