Smokey Bone BBQ Chicken recipe


My kids and I recently ordered the whole BBQ chicken from Smokey Bones. They didn’t like it. However the next day I took the meat off the bone and boiled the bones and skin adding the meat later with some carrots and star pasta no other seasoning. The resulting bbq chicken soup was Fantasic my kids gobbled it up.
My dilemma I need the recipe to make their bbq chicken, I think it’s a rub but not sure and if I want to repeat the recipe it has to be their chicken.
Thanks for your help.

I don’t know where Smokey Bones is located (not in my area), but its not just a ‘recipe’ that makes their food good, but the smoking and long cooking processes they use. I don’t think you can duplicate that in a home kitchen.

You might want to start with a deli BBQ chicken, with the addition perhaps of some liquid smoke flavoring, and see how close you can get.

I’ve had the deli bbq chicken and the spices are just not the same. I do have a smoker at home and can slow cook it I just need the rub recipe they use.

Very interesting recipe I tried it and had good meal.

Thank you