Smoothie Froth?

A few weeks ago I started having smoothies for breakfast (for a healthier, more balanced diet, little bit of weight loss, etc.)
I’ve settled on one that tastes pretty good and keeps me going until lunch. Kinda surprised that it does, but that was one of my requirements. Recipe below in case it matters.

What I don’t like about it is that it develops a froth on the top that’s somewhat annoying. It’s unappetizing and generally just gets in the way.
And it grows up to two or more inches deep by the time I finish.

My question is: where does the froth come from (does the yogurt cause it, the banana?) and is there a way to prevent it? Is there some additive that keeps it dissolved in the liquid?

Thanks for the help!


1 banana (room temp)
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt
1/2 to 2 cups low-fat or 2% milk (depending on how liquid I want it)

You might try blending the fruit first until smooth and then adding the yogurt and milk and only blend it on low until mixed.

Hmm. Worth trying.

Let us know if this solves your problem.

Unfortunately it didn’t make a difference.
It wouldn’t blend with no liquid, so I put in about half a cup of milk to get it going. Then when it was all together, I put in the rest of the milk and yogurt on low for five maybe ten seconds.
Still had the two inches inches or so of froth, so that’s not the answer.

What happens to the froth after it sits for awhile; does is dissipate? If so, you could make it the night before and let it sit in the fridge.

The longest I’ve let it sit (after finishing) is about twelve hours, and the froth doesn’t go down. It gets a little thinner but stays the same height.
It would be nice to make it beforehand, but I’ve tried making it the night before and it just gets watery. Very much better made right before consuming.
Sounds like it is separating, like oil and water. Wonder what is separating here?
Perhaps the two characteristics have the same solution.

Hi, I don’t get froth on mine. The only difference I can see is I don’t use milk, I use Almond Milk and I add 1 pkt. of Truvia for sweetner. No sugar. I love almond milk. It is nutritious and very low in calories. I don’t use ice either because I use frozen fruit. What is remaining, I put in the fridge for later on in the day right in the blender. I keep it in the blender with the cover on until I have used it all. I generally make about one quart at a time and it goes two to three days. I hope this helps you. Plus, I don’t get hungry either. Bev

I also don’t use the yogurt. Doesn’t seem necessary with the almond milk protein.

@KW: I’ll try less milk, but that’s thicker than I like it. We’ll see.
I use a regular blender. Dump everything in. Milk, yogurt & bananas in first, berries on top. Start on lowest speed until the pieces are small then top speed for around 30 secs

@Beverly: I don’t use any sweetener at all. The bananas make it plenty sweet (but really tart without them!) No ice either, the frozen stuff is cold enuf. I might try the almond milk if I can find it cheap enuf. Almond milk has protein? Or do you add ‘almond milk protein’?