Something i love to do at the end of the month

Hi guys.

I’m unsure if any of you have tried this, but it can be quite fun, and usually turns out better than expected. I’m talking about making a pasta dish at the end of the month, with the little that’s left in the fridge and the cabinets, before you go grocery shopping. Here’s a short article I wrote on this subject a while ago I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

The majority of peoples kitchen cupboards start to get a bit empty towards the end of the month. However, most likely you can still prepare delicious home-made meals with the few things you have left at home. Many Simple Pasta Recipes can be prepared with the remaining bits and bobs you can find in your fridge or kitchen cupboard. The ingredients are simple: a box of pasta and a handful of other ingredients which you will most of the time have in your laying about in your kitchen.

If you use your imagination you can without a doubt create a wonderful pasta dish from the ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Take stock of what dried spices you have remaining in the cabinet. Make a list of the fresh vegetables and mushrooms you’ve got, they can add a lot of flavor to your pasta dish. If you have a jar of artichokes or olives, then that’s even better.

The best type of pasta to go with such a make-shift variety of ingredients is short pasta, however macaroni can be a good alternative. You are free to experiment as much as you wish. That is after all the whole objective, to use whatever is remaining in the cabinets. The whole mixture will eventually have to be boiled up to the point where everything is tender, and then afterwards drained.

As a dressing to the pasta, you have a variety options. You could for example improve the taste of any pasta dish by including a spoonful or two of melted margerine. A fingerful of grated cheese will also do a lot to increase the taste of all pasta dishes.

Don’t chuck away the few left-over bits of salami, or slmost empty jars of salad dressing or balsamic vinegar. A few droples of olive oil, a tiny touch of balsamic vinegar or a little amount of salad dressing will go a far to improve the taste and quality of nearly any pasta dish. The same goes for a single vegetable you might find in the fridge, or a few mushrooms, onions or olives. Remember not to overcrowd the dish though!

If it’s a little cold outside, you most likely will want to serve a hot dish to eat. The classic macaroni and cheese will always be a great choice in this regard. You don’t need alot to make this awesome dish. Some bread crumbs, black pepper, flower, butter, garlic, and salt will do the job. And of course the macaroni.

Begin by making a cheese sauce from all of the ingredients in the list above (other than the bread crumbs and pasta). Ensure the sauce is creamy and smooth. After this, combine the sauce and the pasta. Then bake it at medium in the oven for approximately twenty minutes. As far as Simple Pasta Recipes go, this is probably the easiest and the cheapest to create.