Sound of justice and freedom

“A war can end when the soldiers choose to stop fighting it.” Lt. Ehren Watada

“I’ve come to believe this is an illegal and an immoral war, and the order to have us deploy to Iraq is unlawful. I won’t follow this order and I won’t participate in something I believe is wrong.” Lt. Ehren Watada

Thank you Lt. Ehren Watada for refusing an illegal war , all of us are standing up with you for your courage in taking your decision, and believe that we can all learn something from your courage.

“NO” for war and oppression, “YES” for peace and justice.

Here , you will find all the truths about Lt. Ehren Watada

Stand with us , with Lt. Watada, Suzanne Swift , with justice and freedom
With Cindy Sheehan and all those who lost their loved ones in Iraq.

Join us in this group , join the sound of justice and freedom , and you will find all events and news , anti- war, anti- opression, anti- tyranny.

Join Camp Casey August 16th-Sept 2nd 2006

Cindy Sheehan and Gold Star Families for Peace will be returning to Crawford Tx. President Bush has still not satisfactorily answered our question, “What Noble Cause did our loved ones die for?” One year later we are still in the quagmire that is Iraq. As of this writing 2497 of our brave and noble military men and women have died for this Noble Cause. Join us at Camp Casey and show the President that we will not accept one more death be it American or Iraqi.

Here, you will find all details about this event