Southern Fried Catfish

Southern Fried Catfish

1/2 pound fresh catfish filets per person
2-1/2 lbs. yellow corn meal
8 oz. dry mustard
1/2-cup salt
Peanut oil
6 oz ground cayenne pepper
2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tbs. cracked black pepper

Mix together meal, cayenne & black peppers, dry mustard, garlic powder, &
salt, this will make more batter than you can use at one time. May be kept
in freezer.

Put peanut oil in a deep fryer (approximately 5 inches deep). Be sure not to
overfill pan with oil so that it will boil over the top while frying fish.
Heat oil until a strike anywhere match ignites when dropped into the oil.
Care should be used not to overheat oil (Oil will start smoking if it gets
too hot).

Rinse fish with water so fish are moist. Put some of the meal mixture into a
gallon size baggie. Put 3 or 4 fish filets into the bag & shake until coated
with meal mixture.

Drop into heated oil (extreme care should be taken). Cook until fish are
brown & all moisture has cooked out. Fish will float to top of oil.

Drain on paper towels placed in bottom of a large brown paper bag. .

You can cook hush puppies & French fries in the same oil. This will help
clean the oil. Allow oil to cool & strain. May be used several times.