Spaghetti with Anchovies (ONE OF MY FAVORITES!)

Spaghetti with Anchovies (ONE OF MY FAVORITES!)

1 lb. box spaghetti
4 tbs. toasted bread crumbs
5 anchovy filets
6 tbs. olive oil
3 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tbs. parsley, chopped
Pinch of salt

In a 4-quart pan, bring 12 cups of salted water to a boil.
As soon as water boils, add pasta and cook for 6-7 minutes until al dente.

For sauce: In a small frying pan saute oil, anchovies and garlic, simmer to 5-7 minutes until the anchovies are melted.

Drain the pasta reserving 2 cups of cooking water.

In a large bowl add pasta, hot sauce, parsley, toasted breadcrumbs, enough of the reserved cooking water to keep moist.

Mix pasta well with sauce and serve.

Now you’re talkin’ my language. Never tried it with the breadcrumbs. I like to add a can of baby whole clams sometimes to add variety along with the clam juice from the can in place of the pasta water. Very tasty with either thin Linguine, Cappelini, or angel hair pasta. Yummy!