Special corn on the cob

I was driving by a roadside corn stand in Vermont and saw a huge crowd gathered at this stop. Being curious as usual I had to know what was going on here. There was a big pit with coals putting out tons of heat and on the grill was corn roasting in there own skins, but the real treat was in the eating. The best was roasted corn smothered in butter and sprinkled with Cajun spices. I’ll say it definatelt was the best I had ever eaten. I’ve roasted some at home and used McCormics Cajun seasoning and it was also great. Try it, especially if your not into using salt, I think you’ll agree, it’s awesome!!! Oh yeah I forgot to tell you to just cut off the very end of the corn while still wrapped in there skins and soak them in water for a couple of minutes before you put them on the grill and then let em roast til the skins are slightly burt, then peel the skins back and wrap them in afew paper towels, a built in corn on the cob holder, so cool