Spicy Peanut Turkey Noodles - Turkey Pad Thai

these are approx…i never measure unless i am baking…lol

the ingredients:

green onions - rough chopped
rice noodles - soaked in hot water 1/2hr before you want to prepare meal
3/4 cup chopped turkey
1 clove garlic - minced
2 tablespoons soy sauce
5 tablespoons peanut sauce
lime to spritz on final dish
bean sprouts
1 egg beaten

additional ingredients that i some times add
chili oil

place wok pan on high heat…when heated add oil…turn down heat to medium/high heat…fry egg and scramble in pan. move egg to the side of wok when almost done, place garlic in pan, do not burn, add turkey, soy sauce…simmer for a bit, add half the green onions, move that mixture to the side…place rice noodles in pan, add peanut sauce and a touch of water, simmer for a little bit until warm, add bean sprouts, stir, cook for 30 seconds - 1 minutes. mix all in the pan until throughly warm.

garnish with remaining onion and spritz with lime


What is sambal?

Sambal is a relish usually made from fruit with spices. Sambal is not a usual Thai condiment.

your right sambal oelek is not usual in thai food, its common in indonesian cooking… i just didnt have any thai chili paste which almpst the exact same thing just different names - its a ground fresh chili paste

in the thai places i have eaten they have little jars of chili oil and chili paste w/vinegar…nothing in them but those ingredients

the stuff i have

this is the usual stuff we use but at $5 a jar around here, its not worth it…plus it has oil,fish sauce,dried shrimp in it…the other i use just for heat and is $1