For those that are preparing for a Halloween party -

don’t forget the spooky tales that can be told -

we used to tell a tale -

everyone sat in a circle on the floor in a darkened room (the darker the better) -

the only light was from the flashlight used to read the story (one narrator who was responsible for handing out each gorey piece as the story was told)

As the story was told (very very slowly of course) “things” were passed around - such as the rubber glove filled with sand and frozen was the dead man’s hand, which came out of the ground (that’s when you pass the crushed oreo cookies on a plate around for everyone to feel graveyard dirt - be sure to refrigerate for a better effect), chicken bones were human bones, corn silk was the “hair”, jello “mushies” (jello gobs with a bit of water in a bowl) were the guts or the brains, a long balloon filled just about halfway with cold water were the intestines) etc. and at the end of the story every one was handed a HO HO because the had to eat doogie doo - or RING DINGS because they had to eat cow dung!

Spooky sounds were played in the background, the story being read so slow and all the props that were used really gave everyone a good scare for the night!

And don’t forget the cauldron of dry ice in the corner - it made a nice prop as well.

With a little imagination - there is so much you can do!

PS - I won the best costume many years in a row - using brown sheets and sewing and stuffing with fiberfill - and using an ugly brown mask that covered my whole head, big brown gloves (over gloves), fishing boots over my shoes and borrowing my fathers big jacket and his pants (no one knew if I was a man or a woman under this costume) ------------------

wanna know what I was???


(at least I was original!)

hahaha… good one! :wink: and great story idea too.

Reminds me of a couple who came to a Hallowe’en party as “outhouses”. One for Men, and one for Women. The house was contructed out of huge cardboard boxes with a cut to make a swinking door. Everybody would open to door to see the person’s head popped out of the “hole” with some kind of “gook” on top of his/her head and their hilarious face made up with makeup and stuff. They both won 1st prize.

Great story Kitchen Witch… the costume gag was certainly original! Great sense of humor with that one…well done!

B-man :wink: