Spumoni Bundt Cake

Spumoni Bundt Cake

1 White Cake Mix
1 Small Package Vanilla Instant Pudding
3/4 Cup Water
3/4 Cup Oil
4 Eggs
1 Can (5 1/2 oz) Hershey Chocolate Syrup
Yellow, Green and Pink Food Coloring
1 tsp. butter flavoring
1 tsp. rum flavoring
1 tsp. almond flavoring

Mix the cake mix, vanilla, instant pudding, water, oil, and eggs together for about five minutes. Then divide the dough into 4 parts. (3 small parts of about 3/4 cup each and 1 larger with the rest of the batter).

To the large amount, add the can of Hershey Chocolate. To the other three do the following:

1 drop yellow food coloring and butter flavoring 1 drop green food coloring and add rum flavoring 1 drop pink food coloring and add almond flavoring

Grease and lightly flour a bundt pan; pour the chocolate mixture into the pan first. Then add one color at a time, pouring carefully so as not to mix them together. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 to 50 minutes.

Use either a dripped powdered sugar glaze or sift dry powdered sugar over the top after removing cake from bundt pan.
YIELD: 10 Servings

I love bundt cakes to take to the office. Easy and so good without that extra frosting. I posted one for a Butter Pecan bundt. You’ll have to try it. I’m making your recipe for the next Saints game on Sunday for our football party. What do you think of adding the nuts and cherries…? I guess put pecans in the yellow mix and some drained cut up masherino cherries in the pink portion… Thanks.

Adding the nuts and cherries sounds like a great idea…I’ve added to my recipe to try next time. I’ll have to try your pecan bundt cake…sounds great!


This will be a great hit at my meeting. It sounds soooooooooooo good, can’t wait to get to store to get ingredients. Thanks, Fayz

Hope you and everyone at the meeting enjoys it.