Stainless steal cookware

How is the best way to cook with stainless steal, I just bought some caphalone and don’t want to ruin them, any help would be appreciated.

Another thing to remember is that heat distributed differently with these pans/pots. You are definitely going to have to watch your technique as well, because SS pans are unfogiving when you cook on them cold.

If you find that you have a problem with stains or stuck on food, Barkeeper’s Friend will help you out.

I have a set of pans/pots given to me by my mother-in-law that are still in awesome shape, and they are something like older than 20 years. So you have a good investment.

Hope that helps you out.

Jason Sandeman

Sorry, accidental double post.

If you look after your Stainless Steel pans they will serve you well and save you ££££££££’s or possibly in your case $$$$$$$$$$$$$'s.I can’t cook on anything else now|