Starbucks Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake

Starbucks Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake
This moist, tangy, dense lemon pound cake is swirled with raspberries and topped with a sweet lemon icing.
Pound Cake:
• 1 Cup (2 Sticks) Butter, Softened
• 2 Cups All Purpose Flour
• 1 Cup Sugar
• 4 Eggs
• 1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice, Freshly Squeezed
• ⅓ Cup Seedless Raspberry Jam
• Red Food Coloring
• 8 Ounces Cream Cheese, Softened
• 1 Cup Powdered Sugar
• 1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice, Freshly Squeezed

For the cake:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a loaf pan with non stick cooking spray and dust lightly with flour.
  2. In a large bowl beat butter and sugar until fluffy. Stir in eggs, lemon juice, and salt. Gradually stir in flour. Stir until just combined.
  3. Pour around ⅓ of the batter into a separate bowl. Stir in raspberry jam and food coloring.
  4. Alternate layers of white and red batter into your loaf pan. Bake for 55-60 minutes. Cool for 15-20 minutes.
    For the Icing:
  5. Beat softened cream cheese until light and fluffy. An electric mixer or a wooden spoon will work just fine.
  6. Add lemon juice. Gradually add powdered sugar.
  7. Spread over cooled cake.