Steak Diane Recipe

worcestershire sauce
pouring cream
one clove of garlic per steak
lots of fresh cracked black pepper
tablespoon butter
equivalent in a good vegetable oil

1.At least an hour before, but up to four hours before - the longer you leave it the better- crush garlic all over your steaks, both sides and be liberal, and then grind pepper all over the steaks both sides. Wrap in cling wrap and leave at room temperature until ready to cook.

2.Melt butter and oil together in a solid frying pan over highest heat until butter has stopped bubbling and is starting to look a little brown…don’t leave it at this stage…Then throw in steaks and cook them over the high heat,not turning until each side a bit blackened and the pan getting crusty…only takes two to three minutes a side.

3.Then turn down the heat to a nice simmer, add in the dash of worcestershire sauce (make it a good, generous dash) and an equal amount of cream. Scrape up the bits on the bottom, madly stirring until you have most of the black stuff on the pan bottom dissolved in your sauce. Then leave to simmer gently until the pink juices start to run from the meat…if you want it rare…or for ten minutes if you want it better done. Set aside for a moment while you cut up a nice ripe avocado to serve in the yummy sauce, which is also bitey with the pepper. Great with mashed potatoes and salads too.