Steamed Chocolate Bread Pudding from 1932

Steamed Chocolate Bread Pudding from 1932

“Unusually good is this glorified form
of bread pudding. It may be steamed
in a regulation mold or in the top part
of a double boiler, provided care is
taken not to lift the lid during the
cooking process.”

5 slices bread, not too fresh
1 1/2 cupfuls of milk
1/3 cupful of sugar
1/2 cupful of ground chocolate (unsweetened)
3 eggs, separated, yolks and whites beaten separately
1 teaspoonful of vanilla

Hard Sauce
1/3 cupfulf of butter
1 cupful of powdered sugar
1 teaspoonful of vanilla
1 teaspoonful of cream

Break the bread into small crumbs, removing
crusts. Heat together the milk, sugar and
chocolate, and pour over the crumbs. Let
stand a few minutes, then add the beaten
egg yolks and vanilla and beat until the
mixture is smooth. Whip the whites stiff
and fold into first mixture, then pour
all into a buttered mold or the buttered
upper part of a double boiler and steam
over boiling water for one hour. Turn out
on a warm plate .
Serve with hard sauce made by creaming butter,
powdered sugar, vanilla and cream.
Serves six.

Source: San Jose News, Friday, May 6, 1932