Stick To Medium Heat

High heat can overcook the outside of beef cuts while leaving the inside undercooked.

Use medium-heat for both dry-cooking methods (grilling, roasting, broiling and pan-frying) and moist-cooking methods (braising and cooking in liquid).

Test the temperature of a charcoal grill by cautiously holding your hand 4 inches over the coals. Count the seconds you can hold your hand in place before the heat forces you to pull away.

About 4 seconds is recommended for medium heat.

I use a two step method when I grill.

I have a very hot side of my grill and a medium sideā€¦ this allows you to quickly sear the meat on the hot side and then continue cooking on the medium to slow side ( the hot side becomes the slow side after several minutes of intense burn) .

I personaly prefer to slow cook my beef, pork and chicken.

It tends to make the meat more tender.

I also only use natural charcoal or wood to cook.