Strawberry S'more Tart

Strawberry S’more Tart

1 cup graham cracker crumbs
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup butter, melted

10 ounce. semisweet chocolate, chopped
2/3 cup whipping cream
1 1/2cups thinly sliced strawberries
1/2 cup marshmallow creme
8 whole strawberries

Mix well. Press mixture in bottom and up sides of 9-inch tart pan with
removable bottom or 9-inch pie pan. (If using tart pan, place on cookie
sheet for easier handling.)

Bake at 350°F. for 10 minutes. Cool. Meanwhile, in medium saucepan, heat
whipping cream until bubbles form around edge of pan.

Remove from heat; add chocolate and stir until melted. Cook over low heat
until all of chocolate is melted, stirring constantly. Cool 5 minutes or
until lukewarm.

Place sliced strawberries in single layer in crust.

Pour melted chocolate mixture over strawberries.

Place marshmallow creme in microwave-safe bowl.

Microwave on MEDIUM for 30 seconds or until softened. Stir just until
smooth. Quickly drop marshmallows creme by spoonfuls over chocolate layer.

With tip of knife, swirl marshmallow creme and chocolate to marble.

Arrange 8 strawberries evenly around edge of tart.

Refrigerate at least 30 minutes before serving to set chocolate.