Stuffed chicken breasts

More stuffing. We will stuff some chicken breasts today. This is one of those recipes that I remember from my childhood. Chicken breasts, cheese and red pepper. Something creamy and delicious. You can make it using other ingredients. I will show you how I make it though. Let’s cook.


1 chicken breast
Some flour
1 egg
Some breadcrumbs
Some grated parmesan cheese
Some parsley
Some salt to taste
Some freshly ground black pepper
2 pieces of roasted red pepper
2 slices sharp cheddar cheese
Some vegetable oil

First we have to start with the chicken. I normally use frozen chicken breasts for this recipe. I do this because I can cut the chicken in the way I need it in an easier way. The trick is cutting the chicken breast before is completely thawed. Then it is easy to cut the chicken breast to be stuffed later. Do not cut the chicken completely. It is important to leave the chicken in one piece but with a bit cut in the middle, like slicing a pouch in the meat. I do not usually pound the meat thin but you can do it. Add some salt and pepper to the chicken.
Now we will have some flour ready and prepare one container or bowl with one beaten egg and another one in which we will mix the breadcrumbs, the parmesan cheese and the parsley. We will mix the contents of this container and then we will start with the meat. First we will dredge the chicken in the flour. But do not use too much flour. The next step is to put the chicken in the bowl with the beaten egg. Now we will put the roasted pepper and the slice of cheddar cheese inside the chicken breasts. Now we will coat the chicken breast with the mixture of breadcrumbs, parmesan and parsley.
While we do this, we will heat some vegetable oil in a frying pan. When it is hot enough, about 325ºF, we will start frying the Stuffed Chicken Breasts. We will cook the breasts on both sides for some minutes. When they are done, being sure they have been cooked thoroughly inside, we will remove them from the frying pan and will put them on kitchen paper towel. You will get rid of some oil by doing this.
And then your Stuffed Chicken Breasts will be ready to serve. Enjoy them with your favourite side!