substituting certain fruits

i’m curious to know what i might substitute for pineapple since i’m allergic to it. i’d also like to know what i can substitute for strawberries and raspberries since those are two my dad is allergic to.

i’m mainly thinking of fruit salads. i like sweet and sour chicken, but it usually has pineapple in it. i did have it once with apple instead and it was really good like that.

sometimes blackberries set him off, but it depends on if they were processed or grown with strawberries. blueberries don’t seem to, but he doesn’t like them as much as i do. i knew that about the fruit, but it’s hard to make a fruit salad since those seem to always find in the recipes. it’s like they are the staples or base of a fruit salad.

as for the chicken, i wasn’t sure if anything could be used for it because the pineapple is the sweet part of it. thanks for thoe recipes though, i’ll try them out.

i also have been finding a lot of other recipes that look really good, but then i read the ingredients and they use canned chucked pineapple. it’s annoying more than anything.

thank you so much for the recipes!

i did find something on another site about pineapple. it said i could substitute peach or apricot for it! i don’t know how well it would taste, but worth a try!!

also, i found a few other recipes in which pineapple was used in the dish, like carrot cake, can i use peaches or another fruit instead? (i’m not sure since i don’t make it that often and none i’ve made have had pineapple in them.)

sorry for not being here all that much, i’ve been busy with other stuff.

i see why you are an expert on here now!! lol! tyvm for all your help!! tackle huggles:smiley: