summertime drink

here’s a nice summer drink that we are enjoying…

homemade lemonade! water, lemons, sugar - served in a tall glass of LEMONADE ICE CUBES. Anytime I make lemonade, iced tea, etc. I always make fresh ice cubes of the same flavor

I also add halved strawberries, a grape or a maraschino cherry to some of the cubes.

And since I like iced tea with orange (it’s a nice change from iced tea with lemon) I will add a piece of orange segment when making cubes.

No matter what you like to drink with ice in it - you can make ice cubes - and your drinks will stay flavorful and will not be watered down - iced tea or coffee, lemonade, soda pop, kool-aid, orange juice, pineapple juice, etc.

I like frozen lemonade and frozen organge juice mixed together for a refreshing summer time drink… I always add a slice of orange or lemon for looks (optional: add a little club soda for some fizz

I enjoy any fruit juice ice cubes. I put pineapple ones in my orange juice, and vice versa - cranberry juice ones in my apple juice or grape juice, or grape juice ones in my cranberry juice, etc. Just mix and match your juice combos.

Sometimes I make little lemon juice ones and they go great in black tea. Even raspberry juice ones are good in tea.

Use large cube trays for regular cubes as well as the flavored (iced tea, soda pop, kool-aid, etc.), medium size trays for fruit juices and small ice cube trays for lemon juice for black tea…