Sunrise Suprise Breakfast

1 Tin of Bake beans
1 packet of Streaky Bacon ( Cut into cubes )
1 Large Onion ( Cut into fine pieces )
1 Tea spoon Garlic ( Chrushed )
15 ml Olive Oil
Peri Peri ( to Tast )
Aro Mate To tast

Put the oil in a pan and heat till hot , add onions , Garlic & Peri peri and fry until tender add the bacon & Bake Beans mix well and turn down the heat . Let it simmer for at least 10 minutes . Add Some Aromate and stir ocasionaly . Put the mixture ontop of 2 slices of toast and fry some eggs to go with and enjoy .

Should you not like spice food just take out the Peri peri