Superbowl Poll

This Sunday is the Superbowl.

What team do you think is going to be this year’s Superbowl Champions???

Anyone want to guess the final score???

I am going with Pittsburg - final score 31 - 17

Kitchen Witch

And I can’t wait to see the commercials - especially the Budweiser ones!


I have to go with Seattle 27 - 24

Ron -

How about a bet???

You think that Seattle is gonna win and I think that Pittsburg is gonna win -

And since you don’t live close to me for a “real” bet -

how about betting a recipe??

Winner gets a recipe from the loser - any recipe they want!

Whaddaya say???

Kitchen Witch

It’s a bet KW. I’ll let you know what recipe I want when the Seahawks win on Sunday :).

My husband says Steelers will win and the score will be 19 - 13. I think they will win but by more than six points!

OK Ron -

You’re on!!!

Start lining up your cookbooks - I’m gonna win this one!!! LOL

Kitchen Witch

I think the Steelers will win. Lets say 36-24.

I’m going with Pittsburg 27-17.
Dainty Dish

Go Pittsburgh!!!

24 - 17

Are you ready for some football? :slight_smile:

Hey Ron -

I think you are out numbered on this one!

Pittsburg is gonna win!!!

Kitchen Witch

Hi Ron -


Got all your cookbooks lined up???

Do you have a recipe for homemade Scamorza cheese???

I have been looking for one!

Kitchen Witch


Did I say the Seahawks were going to win? That was a typo - I meant to say they were going to lose.

I guess you guys were right. I’m glad I didn’t bet money on it.

I’ll look for that recipe - as I expected, it’s going to be tough to find.


I don’t think you want to hear this - but that cheese is made from cow’s milk and it is made in Calabria, Italy. Similar to mozzarella - made in curds. Can be aged/smoked - those are the big ones and they are delicious! I have loved it all my life. I remember waiting for relatives to get back from Italy with crates of it when I was a child!!!

Kitchen Witch

Oh - and by the way Ron -

you’re not a very good gambler - don’t quit your day job!!!


I can’t win them all.

I’m crying foul play on this one…

Kevin Hench has long been concerned that some day, the refs would decide a Super Bowl. He says that day came on Sunday:

There were some calls there that I just didn’t seem to understand ???

But the refs seemed to rule the game.

No I did not pay off the refs to win a recipe from you!!! LOL

But I will agree - there were some strange calls.


Go Pittsburgh!!!

Hi Ron!!!

Any luck on finding the recipe for me??? I’ve looked for it for many years - no luck.

Kitchen Witch

I’m completely stumped but still looking.