Surefire Plan To Keep Resolutions

(Here’s an article I found in the newspaper.)

Surefire Plan To Keep Resolutions

I will stop biting my nails.
I will stop eating chocolate.
I will quit smoking.

Sound familiar? You’ve likely made resolutions like these in years past. And like most people, you make the same resolutions year in and year out, only to return to the same old habits two week later.

Anyone can make New Year’s resolutions. But the hard part is sticking to them. To help you follow through with your goals, follow this plan:

Write it down

Record what you want to achieve and why. Each day, write down your progress toward your goal. That way, you’ll be able to keep yourself in check.

Tell a friend

Don’t try to achieve the goal on your own. Tell a friend or two who will support and encourage you along the way. The more people there are who know about it, the higher your likelihood is for success.

Seek resources

Read a book, visit some websites, join a support group, seek counseling, take a course. All these resources will give you the support you need so you don’t have to go through it alone.

Remind yourself

Visual cues will help you stay focused. Wrap a loose rubber band around your finger. Post a picture on the refrigerator. Creative reminders will help keep you on target.

Stay positive

Negative thinking will get you nowhere. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake or are taking a little longer than you thought to achieve your goal. Instead, focus on your success and happiness.

Don’t overextend yourself

In short, don’t make too many resolutions at one time. Instead, focus on one, maybe two goals that you strongly want to accomplish.


Think about how you will achieve your goals, and plan for them accordingly.

If you want to give up your morning doughnut, keep cereal on hand for breakfast instead.

Set realistic goals

Make resolutions you can really attain. Break them down into small steps and assess what steps can be taken to reach those goals.

Achieve goals slowly

You don’t have to give up smoking and coffee on the same day. Take small steps over the course of time.

Remain flexible

Don’t just give up on a resolution if it isn’t working. Modify it. If you can’t exercise five times a week, try to exercise three times a week.

It’s OK to make adjustments to your resolution as long as you still stick with it.

I found that since I cannot stop eating chocolate - I do not make a resolution to…makes it easier for me!

It’s medicinal - isn’t it??? LOL


Kitchen Witch

PS - Your post is correct! (except for the part about not eating chocolate)

That’s right! Don’t give it up totally, just take ONE LITTLE bite. :lol: LOL

Actually, they say DARK chocolate is healthy for you. Unfortunately, I find dark chocolate too bitter for my liking.

I enjoy a good milk chocolate. Not wanting to sound partial - but I do make a good chocolate!

I eat dark chocolate on occasion - or when totally desperate! Sometimes you just need a quick fix!!!

But dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you. A friend of mine is diabetic and swears that dark chocolate helps!?!

And since chocolate makes anything better - to me - it’s medicinal.