Surimi cazuela

Today we will cook something different. Not very expensive and really delicious. To top it off, it is also very easy to make. Let’s go to the kitchen.


½ pound surimi sticks
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 dried red chili
1 teaspoon curry powder
Some extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste

We will start preparing the surimi sticks. Surimi is made of several kinds of fish. In fact Surimi means minced fish. It is something that is very rewarding. Good taste for little money. To prepare it, we will cut the surimi sticks to get a fibrous texture.
Now we will heat some oil, not too much, in a frying pan. Then we will add the surimi, the garlic and the chili, which we will have chopped previously. We will cook for about three minutes. Now we will lower the heat and we will add the curry powder and some salt to taste. We will cook for two more minutes. It is important to be stirring it continuously.
And in a while we will have our Surimi Cazuela ready. Perfect as an appetizer or as a tapa. Perfect to be served with some grilled fish too. You can put your Surimi Cazuela on a dish, and on top of it your favorite fish.