Cold germs can suvive on surfaces for hours; think about that the next time you reach for a pen at your doctor’s office. Clean your hands frequently with soap or a hand sanitizer. If you wear contact lenses, wash your hands before you handle them. And carry your own pen.

A glass of orange juice is a good way to get your vitamin C, but high-dose pills won’t help much. Try zinc - studies show that it can prevent a cold, or at least reduce its duration.

Don’t go to work for a day or two after you start having symptoms (that’s when you’re contagious) and any time you have a fever - that way you won’t spread it to co-workers. Otherwise, you’ll do better is you’re up and about; lying down prevents from draining from your sinuses and ear canals.

You can take an anti-inflammatory like aspirin at the first sign of syptoms. Don’t use a nasal spray for more than 2 days - longer use could aggravate your symptons.

And don’t forget a big bowl of homemade chicken soup.