Sweet Potato Salad

There used to be a restaurant in Ohio called Duff’s. There were two locations, one in Findlay and one in Piqua. They both closed more than ten years ago. They had a wonderful dessert called sweet potato salad, very light and fluffy. I have never seen anything like it anywhere else.

Hi Shannon,

I can definitely help you with this recipe! I searched for it for years before finally finding it on a very nice recipe forum. I put the word out on a number of different recipe sites but no one had the recipe.

Growing up in Ohio, we loved Duff’s restaurant. I was so sad when both of the Ohio locations closed, and I heard that eventually all the restaurants closed down. The Sweet Potato Salad was unique, and I have never had anything like it at any other restaurant. It is a very simple recipe but everyone loves it.

I finally found this recipe on a wonderful recipe forum called “Nancy’s Kitchen.”

Duff’s Sweet Potato Salad

4 cups sweet potatoes, canned ( or cook your own )
1/3-1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup heavy cream, whipped
1 1/2 cups miniature marshmallows
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Drain potatoes in a colander and cut into chunks. Combine sugar, whipped cream, cinnamon and marshmallows in a mixing bowl. Add drained potatoes. Mix very carefully when folding in potatoes to keep from crushing them.

Place in large plastic container ( or whatever you choose ) cover and refrigerate until chilled or store for later use.

Again, thanks and credit to Nancy’s Kitchen.

Sounds like the candied yams (sweet potatoes) that my family use to serve every Thanksgiving.
Heck, until I was 8yo., I just though that sweet potatoes and marshmellows grew on the same plant.
Maybe thats why now, I don’t ever add anything sweet to my sweet potatoes (or butter, or marshmellow, or ciinamon). But I eat them 3-4 times a week instead of pototoes. Just nuke until soft…yum !

My mom always prepared candied sweet potatoes too, or sometimes candied yams, depending on whether yams or sweet potatoes were available. But mom made them with butter, brown sugar and marshmallows. This recipe is a much lighter whip. Try it, I think you will like the difference.

Actually yams and sweet potatoes aren’t even related: Yams are yellow or orange tubers are elongated with ends that taper to a point.

The paler-skinned sweet potato has a thin, light yellow skin with pale yellow flesh which is not sweet and has a dry, crumbly texture similar to a white baking potato. The darker-skinned variety (which is most often called “yam” in error) has a thicker, dark orange to reddish skin with a vivid orange, sweet flesh and a moist texture.

Yams are sweeter than sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are commonly used in baking, as they are more similar to white potatoes.

People sometimes use sweet potatoes and yams interchangably, but their cooking results will vary.

Sweet potatoes are also good to make a fries. Slice them on a rectangular and add some salt. Then dip fry it on oil.


I’ve had baked sweet potato fries before. Never cooked them myself, but I think they were sprayed with a small amount of olive oil and then sprinkled with salt.

Yuck…I just can’t see how frying yams or sweet potatoes would improve their taste. Sure, its a boost to their marketablity, but what the heck…
Have ya’ ever tasted just a plain yam ?
Yeah ever wonder why the mix up about yams & sweet potatoes ? ITS COZ BOTH HAVE THEIR OWN FORM OF NATURAL SWEETNESS.

DON’T TOUCH MY YAMS & SWEET POTATOES ! ! ! Coz I love them just the way they are.

Alas, I too have given up on trying to figure out if its a yam or a sweet potato. No way ya’ can rely upon the produce people~~they have no idea. So I say, “What the heck ! They are both more flavorful than just a tater, and they are both packed with vitamin A, so why not ?”

I was very pleased with my local grocery store yesterday. I was looking for sweet potatoes, and they actually had both sweet potatoes and yams, side by side in produce bins, properly labeled. Amazing! Often grocery stores will have one or the other, but not usually both at the same time.

Nice recipie for salad . Will surely try this .