sweet potatoes

Christmas last year I was supposed to bring the candied sweet potatoes. The gang likes them sliced in half and topped with butter, brown sugar and min. marshmallows. Well, I dotted the cooked spuds with butter, sprinkled brown sugar on top and topped it with marshmallows, then baked. They didn’t go over well at all and I heard my niece say they were too sweet. Instead of Zip, my name should be Shehasto Measure, 'cause if I don’t, nothing comes out right. If someone has a good recipe, I’d sure appreciate it.

Easy Sweet Potato casserole:

1 large can of yams
1/2 stick of butter
sugar to taste
brown sugar to taste (I don’t use it)

Heat yams in their liquid from the can, but not as long as you would real potatoes, as they are already semi-soft. Drain, and mash them with butter, sugar and a little milk.
Scrape them into a baking dish, and arrange marshmallows to cover top of yams.
Bake at 350 till marshmallows are browned.

I always double this recipe.

I’m one of those people who just doesn’t like all that sweetness in the sweet potatoes and can’t stand the marshmallows on top. Far better than any of that is to:

Wash raw sweet potatoes and cut in half the long way
Line a jelly roll type baking sheet with foil
Coat the cut faces of the sweet potatoes with olive oil
Place cut/oiled side down on the baking sheet
Bake in preheated 400 degree oven for about 30 or 45 minutes until the skin side is soft to the touch.

This method draws the natural sugars to the oiled/cut surface where they caramelize - YUM!

It is better to use parchment paper than foil. As I have said here a few times before, aluminum has been connected with Alzheimer’s Disease and it’s not a good idea to have foil in direct contact with food.