Sweet Tea Vodka

Has anyone tried this stuff? If you like tea and booze, this is it! I’ve only had the Firefly brand but I liked it a lot. My wife makes a good summer drink with it too.

2 oz Sweet Tea Vodka
1 oz Peach Schnapps
5 oz lemonade (pink or yellow)
Serve over ice

Nothin’ like getting ripped in a hammock on a nice summer day… :cool:

A southern favorite, sweet tea is generally brewed with enough sugar to give even Red Bull addicts ADHD. Some people even make it with simple syrup, the massive dose of sugar combining with the tannins in the tea to create a refreshing mixture that’s tailor-made for sitting on a porch on a hot day as beads of condensation drip down the rim of a tall icy glass. Not surprisingly, like many American traditions this one has now been improved by the addition of alcohol - sweet tea vodka hitting it big on the cocktail scene. Firefly Distillery on Wadmalaw Island has expanded sales of its Sweet Tea Vodka to 40 states. Below the Mason-Dixon line, where fans are most rabid, the amber-brown liquor flows at colleges, bars and football games. Sweet Tea Vodka is 70 proof, a bit tamer than most vodkas, but the sweetness makes it seem even less potent.