I asked this question under Frequenty Asked Questions, and did not hear anything. Perhaps it was the wrong place, so I am repeating it here.
Symbols appearing on the Forums?

I sometimes see symbols such as a push pin, a check mark, or Stars accompanying a recipe. I assume the Stars are a rating of the recipe by someone, but what about other?

A push pin means the thread has been stuck to the top of the forum category. Normally new threads bump the old ones down and appear first, but stuck threads are the exception no matter how old they are.

Stars show the rating as you said.

I’m not sure about the check mark. Show me an example and I can tell you what it represents.

Forgive me - I may be wrong on this - but isn’t a check mark a sign of a thread you have started?

Possibly, but I’ve looked at a few of the threads I’ve started and didn’t see a check mark.

Post a link to a thread with a check mark and I can figure it out.

Ron - When viewing the Index - there are checkmarks in front of threads. I think it is showing any threads you started or replied to. I may be wrong.

Thanks Kitchen Witch & Ron for your responses.


You’re welcomed Pat.