Szechwan Oriental Shrimp

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Serves: 4

1 Pack (8 ounce) frozen cooked shrimp
1 tb cornstarch
1/2 Cup mild, medium, or hot salsa
1/4 Cup honey
2 tb soy sauce
2 tb Dijon mustard
2 tb chunky peanut butter
1/4 ts ground ginger
1 can (15 ounce) baby corn, rinsed well and
– drain
4 1/2 Ounces shiitake mushrooms
1 Cup snow pea pods

Combine cornstarch, salsa, honey, soy, mustard, peanut
butter and ginger in a crockpot. Gently stir in the corn,
mushrooms and snow pea pods. Cook on high 1 hour. Then, add
frozen shrimp. Cook on high 1 more hour.

Serve over rice.

sounds so ooo good