ta-da!!! meal in 20 minutes

Meatless Friday - TOOOOOOOOOOO HOT to cook - and you know the old expression “if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen - get out!” So it had to be a fast and filling meal today!

Cooked 1 lb. fettuccine al dente in salted water (bring to boil, add salt, bring to boil again, add pasta and cook); drain; in same pot 1 stick butter, return drained pasta to pan stirring well and to melt butter; add cracked black pepper and fresh minced parsley and a little salt; add about 1 c. fresh grated Pecorino Romano - stirring well; pour in milk and continue stirring until very well blended.

While the water was getting ready to boil - salad: fresh spinach leaves, romaine, celery, cukes, tomatoes, red pepper rings, mild banana pepper rings; olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, basil.

Crusty Italian bread - iced tea.

Dessert: there’s ice cream in the freezer - G.I.Y. (get it yourself!) and several toppings and different kinds of nuts and chocolate chips. Also bananas, maraschino cherries and canned pineapple. Whatever your little heart desires - you can have it - banana split, sundae - or any other combination!

And since it was an early dinner - tonight I will probably treat to a cheese/anchovy pizza.