taco salad and taco mushrooms

Today is taco salads.

Ground round is browned and I use my homemade taco seasoning mix (recipe is on the site) and I add a spoon of tomato paste, fresh chopped parsley, plenty of fresh minced garlic, cracked black pepper, kosher salt, cayenne pepper and a splash of hot sauce.

I use the large salad size tortilla shells which I heat in the oven over stainless steel bowls that are just the right size. When nice and crisp I place them in a serving dish and fill with chopped lettuce, chopped roma tomatoes, chopped purple onion, hot pepper rings, sliced black olives. Top with meat and salsa.

Salsa: chopped roma tomatoes, chopped green and yellow onion, tomato sauce, green pepper, banana pepper, cracked black pepper, fresh chopped parsley, kosher salt and fresh minced garlic (no jalapenos today!) and heated through (I like mine warmed).

Topped with fresh grated extra sharp Cheddar and Monterey Jack combined.

Sour cream on the side.

Served with taco stuffed mushrooms (same meat mixture) topped with cheese mixture and returned to oven to melt the cheeses.

YUM! You are a kitchen guru and I love your recipes! Keep 'em coming!

Thank you very much!



Where do you get the shells? I have been looking for them but can’t seem to find them anywhere around here.


I lucked out one day and found large shells. Azteca used to make salad sized ones that came in a box - but those are hard to get lately. There are times I’ve made taco salads and I had to drape 3 shells over the bowls to get a decent shell! Check the RECIPE EXCHANGE - I am going to post a recipe for homemade tortilla shells - it’s easy. The time I spend trying to find the right size shells I can put into making them the size I want! Another thing I have done is bake the shells until crispy and just crumble them in the salad when I couldn’t find big ones and place one on the bottom of the dish before piling on the salad.