Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き) and Miso soup (味噌汁)

loosely means: Teppan=iron plate, Yaki = grilled.

It’s easy and fun to cook. We basically we use chuck roast.Trim the fat & slice the meat as thin as possible. Chuck is economical and it’s tender if cut against the grain and cooked quickly in thin strips. We chop up some vegetables as well. when the pan heats up throw in the trimmed fat pieces and get the griddle ready. You just basically throw the meat and veg. in the pan and cook at the table. Each person gets the piece cooked to their liking and they take it onto their plate. Yaki Niku sauce for dipping & enjoy. Add some rice in a bowl and life is good.

Here’s a picture of our last time we cooked it up with some friends with tons of kids over. the children watch tv in the other room and ate at a table while we sat at this table.
NOTE: this was a last minute throw together and paper plates were used in a informal setting. They made the sauce and poured it on the meat directly this time. I prefer to cook meat then dip.

Miso soup explained here better than I could tell you:
Miso soup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia