Texas Howdy

Howdy from Texas! I am a Texan, born and raised. I am a stay at home wife. We have a huge garden this year and I am planning on canning, and dehydrating as many vegetables as I can.

I like to knit and crochet. I am in the process of making curtains for my kitchen/dining room. I am re-doing the kitchen in yellow with red accents.

I am glad to fine this forum. :smiley:

I soooo envy you, having a ‘real’ garden. I live in an apartment with a balcony. Yet, I grow whatever I can. Mostly spices, coz they do so well, and I even can sell my surplus to retailers. I’m big on basil. Pesto sauces are so expensive, but not if ya’ grow your own. Takes little space, and a lot of water, but well worth having just a plant or two.
I remember years ago, when I had my own home, growing tomatoes. Nothing beats the flavor of home grown tomatoes. Doesn’t really work in containers though, after the first crop, they get a little sour. Yet, when I grew them in a garden, seems as mine ripened, so did everyone elses. Could of bought tomatoes to can at dirt prices. Ergo why now I grow mostly spices.
Am gonna have some great sweet potato plants this year, too. They grow a wonderful vine on my balcony all summer long, and reward me with 5-6 yams to eat per plant (gonna do 3).