Thai Chicken and rice

Does anyone know a recipe for Thai Chicken thats quick and easy yet tasty? My family loves the lean cruisne recipe but can’t figure out the sauce.
Thank you

You can visit this website for Thai recipes

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I go to the Asian aisle in my supermarket & get
“A Taste of Thai” Chicken & Rice Dinner Seasoning. It comes in a packet or envelope.
A box of jasmine rice or whatever flavor you like
A can of coconut milk
Chicken pieces
Saute the chicken in a little oil, remove from pan
stir in 2 cups of water, the "Taste of Thai " seasoning mix, let simmer for about 5 minutes. add some coconut milk to taste. Put the chicken back in the pan, cover & simmer until chicken is done.
If you want it hot get a packet of “A Taste of Thai Panang Curry base” and add a little of that. (Refrigerate or freeze the rest- same with the leftover coconut milk.)
Meanwhile make the box of rice separetly according to package directions.
Serve chicken over rice. Yum. It tastes a lot like what I get at my local Thai food restaurant