Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich

I guess I should put this one under sandwich nite , but this was the first time this was made in my home and I wanted it to have special notice:

3 slices bread of choice, I used Italian and rye
3 slices of thick sliced bacon, fried crisp
1 slice of Swiss cheese
1 tbls crumbled Stilton cheese
4 - 6 oz of sliced turkey breast, leftover, cooked
1/2 cup leftover stuffing/dressing ( I used a mushroom stuffing)
1/4 cup leftover sauerkraut
spicey brown mustard
horseradish mayo
3 cheese Ranch dressing
salt and pepper to taste
hot sauce to taste ( I used Jump Up and Smack Your Mom)

Lay out your slices of bread. On botton slice place mustard, bacon, stuffing and crumbled Stilton cheese. On second slice place Horseradish mayo, turkey, swiss cheese and kraut. Spread ranch dressing on third slice, salt and pepper, add hot sauce if using and place on top of sandwich.

Finish assembly, cut in half and serve.

My hubby made us these for late night snack last night… placed them under the broiler for a few minutes and boy were they good! Just like eating Thanksgiving dinner all over again!