The Beginning of Nachos

The Beginning of Nachos And What They Have Become!


Nachos are one of the most popular snack foods. They can be found at home, festivals, and sporting events. They do not take much effort to prepare. People add different toppings and enjoy the warm cheese. It may be a surprise to know that nachos came about less than 100 years ago. It all started in 1943 at the military base :military_helmet:, Fort Duncan in Eagle Pass, Texas. A few military wives decided to take a visit to Mexico, which was not far away at all. The wives grew hungry, so they stopped by a restaurant, demanding food and drinks. The only employee available, who was nicknamed “nacho”, brought out tortilla chips. He melted Wisconsin cheese over it and cut jalapenos for a topping. The women enjoyed the snack so much that they went back to Texas and it spread like wildfire.

Texas was the only area that knew about this special dish. It was not until 1977 when a man named Frank Liberto decided to sell nachos at his concession stand. He found a way to keep the cheese soft and served it with tortilla chips. One day when it was Monday night football, a few of the hosts tried the nachos and fell in love with the new snack. Whenever the hosts were on the air, they would talk about nachos any chance they got, which spread the word all over the United States.

These days’ people all over the United States enjoy this snack. There is a never ending variety of toppings that can be served on the nachos. Some include guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, and ground beef. Some people enjoy the nacho cheese so much that they put it on other foods. Have you ever tried nacho cheese on ice cream? How about on sausage, and fish? Maybe these people enjoy the cheese a bit too much.

Different parts of the United States serve nachos differently. In the south, you can usually find nachos at barbeque restaurants. The toppings include barbequed beef with the sauce on top of the rest of the toppings. Restaurants in other parts of the country refer to some nacho platters as “loaded nachos”. It is usually an appetizer. Loaded nachos are abundant in toppings. You can find these at bars and restaurants. Outside of America also enjoy nachos. If you go to Ireland you will find “Irish nachos”. Instead of tortilla chips, they use French fries or potato wedges. The rest of the toppings are the same as regular nachos.

Nachos are simple to make from your own home. There are many different recipes available. Some include chicken instead of beef. Others have many different vegetables with a dab of sour cream on top. Let your imagination go wild. If you would prefer to have it already made, some grocery stores have the nachos pre packed with the nacho cheese in a separate container next to the chips. A great way to have authentic nachos is by having lunch or dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. The nachos can come really big and piled with many toppings. It may be messy, but it is worth it!

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