The bestest omelet you’ve ever had.

1 to 2 tablespoons of butter
Two eggs
3 to 4 tabelspoons of your favorite chilli.
¼ cup of diced cheddar cheese
½ small onion
Any other rabbit food you enjoy in an omelet

Turn on your broiler.
On the stovetop over a low flame melt butter in your cast iron skillet, Whip your eggs; I like to do this with an immersion blender it makes them nice and frothy, pour into skillet, put your fire up to high let cook for a short time just so the bottom of the eggs has started to cook drop chili around the pan, sprinkle cheese and onions, if you’ve decided to use some other rabbit food add to the pan. Place the pan under the broiler watch closely when the top of the eggs has started to slightly brown take out slid it out of the skillet onto your plate salt and pepper to taste and enjoy.

Cast Iron the original non-stick cookware not to mention it can handle the broiler just fine. Plus the retained heat helps cook the omelet.
Don’t skimp use real butter, walk a little longer if your worried about the calories.

Gonna give this a try tonight!!! Thanks