the busiest time of the year -

It’s so busy at this time of the year - but many things still need to be done - and those that know me know that I am an “adopted gram” and my precioius babies are 10 and 8. Well the little guy just turned 8 yesterday. And with the holidays we make sure that he doesn’t miss out on a birthday party and birthday gifts. Of course - I never show favoritism - regardless of which babies b-day it is - I buy an equal amount of gifts for them both. There mom does the same thing.

Tuesday night was a big famiy party and yesterday was a smaller party.

Last minute - bring the ice cream CAKE! their mom ordered sheet cakes for the parties and ice cream is definitely needed!

Soften strawberry ice cream and spoon into plastic wrap-lined 13 X 9; drizzle with chocolate syrup;freeze until firm;
soften vanilla ice cream, spread over top and drizzle with more chocolate syrup; freeze until firm
soften chocolate ice cream, spread over top; top with crushed Oreo cookies; freeze until firm.

Invert onto serving plate; remove plastic wrap.
soften vanilla ice cream - “frost” cake top and sides and sprinkle with candies. Freeze until ready to serve.

Take along a bottle of chocolate syrup in case anyone wants a drizzle.

Stil busy but thank you for your tempting suggestions.
We do look forwrad to exploring with you further.