the calm? before the storm....

We’ve already had our first dose of lake effect - it hit hard and fast - then it left. Wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Today is very windy - the sun is shining on one side of the house - the other 3 sides of the house have dark skies - so you can see it is coming.

Now they say that a BIG one is coming - so I’ll join the masses today. First hit the post office, drop off my slip for more checks at the bank, then fight the crowds for milk. So I’ll grab some haddock filets for dinner. And of course - fight everyone at the gas pumps - gotta have a full tank! I just wish they would put all gas “holes” for all cars and trucks on the same side for all vehicles - people are not nice at the pumps and it’s mayhem!

Breaded and baked haddock filets, baked potato wedges, bean and beet salad, tartar sauce. And if anyone wants shredded cheese on their fish or taters - fine.

I’m well-stocked for whatever will hit this weekend. It’s definitely a snuggies day!