The Fat Breakdown (Heart Health)

The Fat Breakdown (Heart Health)

There are two main types of fat — saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Many foods contain some of both types. The total fat found in food is its saturated fat plus its unsaturated fat. Eating too much saturated and trans fat will raise your blood cholesterol level, as well as your chances of developing heart disease. Below is a list of foods high in saturated fat that you should try to avoid:

Fatty cuts of meat, such as chuck, regular ground beef, ribs, bacon, and sausage

Canned meats such as pork and mini sausages

Whole milk and products made from whole milk (regular cheeses)

The skin of chicken and other birds




Oils such as coconut, palm, and palm kernel oil

Tortilla, fry bread, and other breads made with lard, butter, or shortening

Doughnuts and pastries

Ice cream sundae with whipped cream and toppings

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