The Game!

This past Saturday, my boy and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Hiram, Ga to watch “The Game.” You know, between our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes and that other team from up north.

I had the most delightful cuisine, perfect for game day. It was a 9 x 12 flatbread with spinach, avacado, tender bite-size pieces of chicken breast with alfredo sauce.

We then had some hot pretzels with melted cheese sauce for dipping.

Would someone like to take a stab at recreating this and tell a newbie how to do it? Thanks, Danny from Ironton

Danny, that sounds like fettucini alfredo with spinach. If you ask b-man or Kitchen Witch, I believe they have an arsenal of recipes for this dish.

The OP didn’t mention any fettuccine in the dish.

Thankyou so much. You are a true sweetheart!