The Perfect Pot Roast

Hi everyone. I’m new here and would like to contribute some of my tried and true recipes. Been cooking almost everyday since age 15. My wonderful Dad who since passed away, taught me much.

I’m a professional singer by trade. (15 yrs as a member of The “Lettermen”) On my many USO tours to Europe, i picked up quite a few Recipes and cooking tips.

The following recipe and cooking technique came from an elderly Italian Lady living on the outskirts of Rome Italy. For many year’s, I searched for a way to cook the Perfect Pot Roast. Since i was at the Mercy of the cut’s of meat’s, it was always a hit and miss thing. This wonderful Lady shared the following with me, and ever since, Every Pot roast has come out darn near perfect.

The Following works great with either Chuck or English cut.
Approx 2 1/2 to 3 Lb Roast

Liberally rub both sides of Roast with EVOO

Cut a number of slits, approx 1/2 deep all over roast

Insert cut Garlic deep into slits, then squeeze meat together to close the pocket a bit

Proceed with Cracked Pepper along with a small amount of Oregano, along with Italian dressing (from bottle) over entire roast.

Now heres the trick for the Perfect Roast----Place meat in Deep Roasting pan. Add ONLY 1/2 cup of water to bottom of pan.

Seal Roasting Pan VERY TIGHTLY with aluminum foil, making sure there are No gaps. DO NOT slit or punch holes in foil.

Place in 275 degree oven.

Cook this way for approx 2 hr’s

Carefully remove foil, since your going to reuse it and Baste Roast with Juices at bottom of pan.

Reseal Pan with Foil, but this time, Poke a few holes at top, and continue baking an additional 1:15 to 1:30.

Take pan out of oven and again carefully remove the Foil. Turn oven up to 325 then place uncovered Roast roast in oven for an additional 10 to 15 min, as it will brown Beautifully.

Let Roast stand 10 min before slicing. It will be totally moist, Flavorful and Fork tender each and every time.

There you have it, the Perfect Roast…Enjoy!:grin:


Welcome Rick glad to have you aboard will look for your recipes by the way what is EVOO? I have never heard that term before and here I thought I knew just about every thing about Cooking, baking, HA,HA,HA, I don’t think a person could know every thing there is about cooking, baking. Again Welcome aboard you will love US!!!

The roast sounds very good. I will try it some time.


Welcome Doc Holiday! Wow The Letterman! Now that’s some fine easy listening. Myself I love new recipes, music and as you can figure out dogs and horses. Most of my favorite recipes are old family favorites, so I am looking forward to more of your posts. Southern Belle you must not watch Racheal Ray cause her favorite ingredient is EVOO ( extra virgin olive oil)!

Well hooey on myself No i do not even like Racheal Ray and I do not watch her. Guess I must have slipped a bit not to know the aberration for that, Golly Gee thanks for the info.

So good to hear from you I love Little Doxie dogs, horses and cooking, baking, fine easy listening music say like Ole Blue Eyes, and Rick I well remember him he was great and I loved hearing him. Thanks Rick for being here with us. I cannot stand this crap they call music today they are sick if they think it is music. I know we went through an era but it was very good music and I have a lot of them on Cd’s that I recorded from the records. As my old recipes I love recipes that are very old I have found some of my mothers and my great grand mother. They are old and full of the things that are bad for us to eat this day in time but you can’t beat the taste of those old time recipes. I have laptop especially for recipes and one for the 3 cookbooks I am working on and a tower for my regular computing. I’ve tons of Cd’s that I’ve got all of my recipes in a bank vault as when we moved some one stole a lot of things from our storage unit I had about 7 boxes with the Cd’s in them, plus old recipes and cookbooks clippings form magazines some of the recipes are so old that they are yellowed and frail I am going to try and scan them on to my laptop one of these days. I did find some of the old recipes on the frail yellowed papers, old cookbooks and very old magazine clippings in the one box that they left untouched but not all of them. So good to her from you again.

Good night hope you sleep good