The Secret

Has anyone here heard of “The Secret”? It was shown on the Oprah show - and I think a few others - but I watched it on Oprah.

It seemed to be quite interesting - and of course I wonder if it works.

I tried several stores in the area and I could not locate the DVD or the book. A couple of my friends had the same trouble. Kathy found this site

so we went to that site and we did find the book and the DVD and we bought them. So far there are 7 of us that are going to try this - each one of us “needs” something as opposed to just “wanting” something.

My copies were delivered Friday - and I have watched the DVD once a day since I’ve gotten it. The book seems to follow the DVD very close. I was the last of the 7 to get my copies so a few of them are a week ahead of me with this.

Wish me luck - I would love to see what I am looking for within 60 to 90 days.

I will keep you posted!

The official website for the Secret is Law of Attraction :: The Secret :: Official Web Site of The Secret Movie

Without getting into a long philosopical discussion, I’ve successfully used some concepts from the Secret for several years before ever watching the film. The Secret is by no means a new concept. The movie is more of an introduction to the Law of Attraction. In my opinion it makes it seem more magical than it really is.

A much more practical book on the concept is Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”

I haven’t read Napoleon Hill’s book - I’ll have to get a copy when I am done with this one. Thanks.


I joined this forum because of the great recipe information and exchange…and I happened to come across this new discussion about The Secret! (Of course, there are no coincidences, only synchronicity…so I"m sure I came across this for a reason.)

I tried ordering the DVD from the official site…but they are so backed up and I never got a response from them.

So, I did end up ordering from the same website that Kitchen Witch mentions ( I already got my DVD and I love it! I have watched it 10 times already and will certainly watch it many more times.

I have read books about this same sort of information before…but this movie really makes it all very clear and leaves you feeling inspired. I have been working with the principles and have already seen some small results!

I highly recommend it!


“Believe and you will achieve.”

Welcome to RSN Foodie63!

The official site was also backed up when I tried to order it - and all our stores didn’t have it - so I was lucky to find that site and get such a prompt response with my order. I, too, have watched the DVD many times - and the book follows close - enforcing the principles.

It does make things clear and it does leave you inspired. I’ve seen small results as well - and I know with continued use I know I will see what it is I am trying to achieve. Good luck Foodie63 with The Secret - may it bring you what you are working to achieve!